Technology for Greater Good of Society: SingularityU Islamabad Chapter Launch

Technology for Greater Good of Society: SingularityU Islamabad Chapter Launch

Singularity University is a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges. Towards the end of 2017, Singularity University announced the launch of seventeen new chapters across the globe, including one in Islamabad, Pakistan. With their latest chapter update, there are now a total of 100 SingularityU Chapters worldwide spread across 55 countries.

The Leadership team and Ambassadors for SingularityU Islamabad include: Amir Jahangir, Azfar Jahangir, Hasan Saeed, Parisey Tariq, Puruesh Chaudhary, Dr. Saad Liaquat, Dr. Shahid Mahmud, Yusuf Hussain.

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This morning, Singularity University Islamabad Chapter organized an event “Technology for the Greater Good of the Society”, to introduce Singularity University to relevant stakeholders in Islamabad. This is a part of their quarterly event series that focuses on GGC Learning and Prosperity.

The introductory speakers’ kickoff session included GGC as a central theme to garner momentum for the coming events in 2018-19 which will be engaging start-ups which are focusing on Sustainable Development Goals.

The speakers for this session include Jerome C. Glenn, Co-Founder and CEO, Millennium Project and Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Coordinator General at COMSTECH. The event was held at the COMSTECH Secretariat and was attended by all team members and key stakeholders from the industry.

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The newly launched Islamabad Chapter aims to focus on sustaining and improving the quality of life; it plans to achieve this by creating a framework of prosperity and learning. This framework will foster a relationship between the champions of the digital ecology in the country with the rest of the world, building synergies at all levels of policymaking that will help increase the wellbeing of the people. More info on the Islamabad chapter can be found on the official site.

This is the second chapter of Singularity University in Pakistan. The first one is in Karachi, led by Isfandiyar Shaheen, Junaid Aziz and Afaque Ahmed. The SingularityU Karachi Chapter is an official affiliate organization of Singularity University, Mountain View, CA. This community is dedicated to spreading awareness about Exponential Technologies, its applications and specifically, how can they be used in Karachi – a mega city of 25 million people, known for its educational and entrepreneurial excellence – to thrive during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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The SingularityU Karachi Chapter is also committed to further building the entrepreneurial and governance ecosystem of Karachi in collaboration with other organizations and/or passionate individuals and/or concerned citizens.