Shell Tameer Opens Applications for 2021 Awards

Shell Tameer Opens Applications for 2021 Awards

Shell Tameer is an entrepreneurship development program by Shell Pakistan that aims to encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills among the youth of Pakistan (ages 18-35). The Program offers enterprise skills training, coaching, and mentoring sessions, along with providing opportunities for networking and market linkages.

Shell Tameer Awards is a nationwide competition, to recognize, celebrate and reward young talent making significant contributions in the national entrepreneurship space. For the Shell Tameer Awards in 2021 there are six Award categories to support a diverse range of young entrepreneurs. participants may select and apply in the category best aligned with their business idea. Eligibility criteria and program timelines are detailed out on the website.

  1. Clean Energy Solutions (CES)
    The Clean Energy Solution category invites energy innovators that are providing disruptive solutions within the clean energy space.
  2. Technology Innovation (TI)
    TI category recognizes enterprises using innovative tech solutions to change the way things have been done traditionally.
  3. Empowering Women (EW)
    The EW category celebrates enterprises aimed at creating opportunities to advance gender equality and to enhance the socio-economic status of women in our society. An enterprise focused on empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and their community, enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their standard of living.
  4. Circular Economy (CE):
    CE recognizes enterprises that help shift the world to a circular economy future to deliver positive environmental change.
  5. .Transportation and Mobility: (T&M)
    The T & M category recognizes enterprises providing disruptive solutions around low-carbon transport solutions and transport sharing models. Designed to provide solutions to address direct and indirect environmental and socio-economic impacts of the traditional transportation sector.
  6. Bright Ideas Award Category (BIA)
    The BIA category is designed to recognize aspiring entrepreneurs that display great potential for future growth by having a compelling/winning idea. This early stage innovation can come from any of the Shell Tameer Award categories but must be at a prototype stage.


“As an open platform, Shell Tameer encourages young Pakistanis to come forward with innovative business ideas and pursue entrepreneurship as a means of livelihood,”

shares Afshan Pasha, Social Performance Manager, Shell Pakistan.

The award to the winners includes seed capital for their enterprise, business mentoring by International and local experts, high value networking and Global exposure through Shell LiveWIRE’s International platforms.

In almost two decades of its existence in the country, Shell Tameer has engaged more than 800,000 people and supported over 1,000 new ventures across the country.

The program, originally called Shell LiveWIRE – a Royal Dutch Shell investment program that aims to help young people around the world explore the option of starting their own business – was launched in Pakistan in 2003 under the local name of Shell Tameer. Today, the program has expanded to 18 countries worldwide.

Shell Tameer is hosting virtual information sessions on a daily basis. If applicants need assistance in their application, they may drop a line at to receive the meeting link. This is a recurring session running from 26th August – 13th August 2021, daily at 3pm.