Sharmeen Obaid Launches Aagahi: Web Series on Women Education


Majority of the women in Pakistan do not know their legal rights and power in the country and in order to empower the women, the award winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has taken on the mission to educate them about their rights in the country through a series of videos called Aagahi.

Aaghai is a public service campaign and willspan over the course of seven months consisting of 14 short animated films. The clips are to explain legislations which affect women and how they may be applied.

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The videos are available in English and Urdu to cater a wider population, however they will also soon be launched in the various local languages to have a further reach. The first episode of the series is called How to Register an FIR (First Information Report) that informs about crimes and how women can file an official FIR at the local police department.

The episode is voiced by Aamina Sheikh the first episode informs women about the crimes that one can file an FIR against i.e. murder, rape, theft, kidnapping, domestic violence, acid attacks etc. The video further explains that the police have the right to arrest the culprits of these crimes without any warrant.

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Another platform that is working on educating women about their rights and health is Raaji, a chatbot that is engages conversations in the fields of health, hygiene, abuse and sexual harassment. They have also recently won the ‘She Loves Tech Pakistan 2018’ competition.