Senate Khani Connecting Female Doctors To Patients

With the spread of COVID-19, knowledge of proper healthcare has never been at an all time high. The use of digital healthcare solutions are needed that utilizes software or internet devices for detection and treatment of many medical conditions such as this. One planned digital healthcare solution provider is Sehat Khani that connects female doctors to patients.

Sehat Kahani is known as Story of Health and is an all-female health provider network in Pakistan that connects home based female doctors, currently not working due to socio-cultural taboos, to provide accessible, effective, and affordable health care solutions to patients in need using ICT enabled health solutions. The company looks after the low income communities of the country and caters to the uneducated with limited access to technology.  The company has upgraded basic health centers within these communities to Sehat Kahani E – Health Hubs.

The company connects female health provider networks to underserved beneficiaries providing access, outreach and efficiency of healthcare. According to the company, they have three major health goals:

  • Access: By using trusted intermediaries in the form of female front line workers, in the communities and dormant health infrastructure, they create Sehat Kahani E- Health Hubs where a front line worker is trained by five step training on medical knowledge, leadership and soft skills to connect patients in these Hubs to qualified home based female physicians and skills.
  • Prevention: Through the company’s health care portfolio, they have made innovative preventive healthcare messaging and social marketing activities in target communities to bring out a long term change in behaviors and health patterns.
  • Efficiency: Using their expertise in tele-health, they have created their unique and specialized tele-health platform – “Concierge Model”, which is accessible through desktop and from mobile as well.

In a country like Pakistan, health care needs serious work upon especially with the spread of the pandemic. Hence, this company will go a long way to provide quality health care services from the comfort of their communities, mobiles, and laptops at an affordable cost.