Seminar For Entrepreneur Skills @ COMSATS

It is becoming increasingly important that graduating students that they posses entrepreneur skills. As entrepreneurship is of those keys, that can improve the access to the job market for the disadvantaged. Especially in an economy like Pakistan, where there aren’t as many jobs in a particular field as compared to the number of students graduating in it.

Therefore, in order to equip students with a much-required skill these days, on Friday 13th October 2017 COMSATS hosted a seminar titled “Learn Entrepreneur Skills” that was organized by Job Placement – Alumni & Career Counseling Cell on Thursday.

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Several entrepreneurs form the local industry attended the event. These include Brio Resturant owner Tayyab Afzal, Mayen Umer – Owner of Mynes Cakery and Emoey Company CEO (CIIT Alumni) Muhammad Bilal Ghumman. The guests shared their experiences of establishing their business ventures with students

COMSATS students from various departments were invited to join the event. The event was helpful in providing some basic tips to students to become an entrepreneur.