Scottish Government Partners with SEED Ventures for Impact Link Program


SEED Ventures has partnered with Scotland: Pakistan Impact Link, a fund by the Scottish Government in order to continue to support social entrepreneurs and develop the local ecosystem.

This partnership has come has an extension of the collaboration of the Social Academy Enterprise Academy launched by SEED Ventures in February 2017 and their Scottish partners Social Enterprise Academy International. Making the announcement, SEED Ventures shared:

“The partnership continued to grow resulting in Scottish Government’s continual investment in the social enterprise landscape of Pakistan with SEA International and SEED Ventures. We are proud to have taken our efforts another step forward and invite all of our friends and partners to join us in encouraging social entrepreneurs to apply for this first phase of the fund.” 

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Impact Link is designed to build the resilience, capacity and impact of a small number of Pakistan’s social enterprises that are moving beyond the Incubator stages of growth. The applications for the program are now open. The participants of Impact Link will be provided with funding, learning programs and much more!

NOWPDP and The Nest I/O have also joined Impact Link as their Outreach partners. The deadline for online expression of interest is 28 December 2018. For the application and more information about Impact Link, you can visit the Socent Support website.