SCB Vows To Connect Women in Business via Technology

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. and INNOVentures Global (Private) Limited have partnered to create the Standard Chartered Women in Tech program .through this support female-led businesses will be enabled through technologies by providing them training and mentorship and seed grant.

The program aims to support female-led businesses by aligning them with calls to promote diversity in tech and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and leadership.

The purpose of the #SCWomenInTech program in Pakistan is to target early-to-mid stage females professionals from technology to business sectors who need domain, knowledge, and perseverance for delivering results.

Committed to being digital by design, the Bank is proud of partnering with INNOVentures Global (Private) Limited to support female-led businesses enabled by technologies to grow their businesses.


Through this program, the role of women entrepreneurship will be highlighted through proper training. The female-led businesses enabled by technologies will be targeted to generate business outputs and promote knowledge about technology-led businesses.   


The program will provide a foundation for strengthening cooperation and network building among female-led businesses enabled by technologies globally. 


The 20 selected women founders will have a chance to receive seed grand along with 10 weeks of mentoring and training for scaling their entrepreneurial ventures. Each winner will be awarded a seed grant of PKR 1,500,000 to invest in their business.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Must be a female-led business

 ○ At least 1/3rd of the founders should be women,

 ○ Woman founder(s) has/have been around for at least one year.

Must be a technology venture or a traditional business seeking to use technology to grow significantly.

Significant Growth and/or Impact potential.

Must have an initial plan to scale or be technologically enabled to scale by using PKR but also mentoring and other support.

The bank’s investment in the business/venture must make a material difference.

Be a registered entity (a private limited company, a non-profit, or a sole proprietorship) with an NTN operating for:

 ○ No less than 3 months at the time of application,

 ○ No more than 2 years old at the time of application.