HackerNest Is Saving Marine Life: One Fishack A Time!

HackerNest launch the first ever Fishackathon for the sustainability of marine life

HackerNest is a nonprofit organization the builds local tech communities around the world. They are known in conducting a multitude of social and hackathon throughout the globe and constitutes of developers, engineers, designers and product managers alike. In another effort in promoting economic prosperity around Pakistan, HackerNest have launched Fishackathon, a hackathon which works on improving the environment of the aquatic life.

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Fishackathon is a global hackthon which works to make Earth’s waters, aquaculture, and fisheries more sustainable and equitable. The event is taking place in Karachi during February 10-11, 2018 covering a series of tasks and challenges that are supposed to be targeted by the contestants. Their challenges consist of real-world problems that are intended to be solved by following a criterion of guidelines.

The first theme is sustainability where they are supposed to target overfishing, pollution and other hazards that harm the marine life and offset the ecological balance. The second theme is enforcement where certain policies are to be developed for agencies to prevent environment damage and enforce regulations. The final theme is Marketplace where the contestants are supposed to improve the data access for small players and overall improve the decision-making for certain firms. The complete description of these challenge sets can be found here.

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A team can have a maximum of 5 members and are expected to develop a new code afresh. They will have 3 minutes to give a demo and will be judged accordingly. The overall winner in a city will move forward to the global finals and they’ll have 7 days to submit a 3-minute demo video in English. All of these teams will be judged on their creativity and innovation, alongside the impact of their plan and its overall polish and practicality. The winning team will gain acceptance and mentorships into multiple incubators alongside an introduction to countless investors and countless other prizes.

HackerNest provides an insight to mechanics, strategy and have expertise from years of innovation and a connection to countless firms and governments. This event provides an amazing opportunity to individuals wanting to step foot in this field. The deadline to purchase the ticket is the 10th of February 2018 and can be purchased here for Rs700.