The Rise of iflix in the Pakistani Market

iflix is a Malaysian subscription video-on-demand service owned by Iflix Sdn Bhd, that recently made its way to the Pakistani market. For the quality and packages on offer till now, iFlix is considered as a poor man’s version of Netflix; the US based streaming company.

Farees Shah, iflix General Manager for Pakistan, speaking to a local newspaper said,

“We will never go to North America, Europe or Australia, but, in the coming months, we will be expanding in the regions of the Middle East and Africa.”

Iflix certainly knows its standing in the market and it aims to explore and exploit the niche market that is overlooked by giants like Netflix and Amazon. The market in Pakistan consists of 35 million prospective consumers in Pakistan alone.

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iflix has tweaked its business model to immerse itself in the Pakistani market whereas Netflix strictly follows the universal guidelines. Not to mention that iflix also captures the local market more by providing local content.

Shah also said,

“When we set our operations in January, I wanted 30,000 subscribers during the first few months. However, within one month we had already obtained more than three times the target”

One of the other main difference between the two streaming platforms is that iflix charges Rs300 per month or Rs. 2,800 a year after a trial month, whereas Netflix charges upwards of $7.99 for its services, a total that goes over Rs840. Also, while a customer needs to pay the subscription fee using a credit card in Netflix, he or she can opt to pay via debit card or mobile credit in iflix.

The most streamed movie at is Na Maloom Afraad and 60% of the website traffic coming from handheld devices according to Shah. They are working towards improving services on these devices, along with a personalized interface for each user which will provide them with suggestions based on their viewership history.

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In a grand launch ceremony held earlier this month, iflix announced its partnership with Pakistan Telecommunication Communication Limited, whereby 100,000 PTCL customers will be given iflix accounts.

The President and CEO of PTCL, Daniel Ritz graced the event, among other senior officials from the telecom. The event marked the official launch of the service in Pakistan and the partnership between the two entities. Until then, happy streaming!

Image source: PTCL/iflix