Annual Python Conference To Take Place in Lahore: PyCon 2018


As arguably one of the most profound and popular computing language in the world, Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages for general programming. It is not only used by businesses around the world but also consumer services such as content creator, Buzzfeed. The Python Conference is an annual two-day conference that takes place throughout the world and this year and is set to take place on the 17th-18th of November 2018.

The Python Conference, also dubbed as Pycon, is a conference that discusses on the current state of the language and look towards improving and advancing the language further. Initially held in US, the conference takes place from country to country and Pakistan has been noted to have hosted this event ever since 2017. PyCon Pakistan will be taking place on the said dates at the University of Central Punjab, Lahore.

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The meeting is conducted by Python engineers at the top of their field and the country is also selected based on the work of these very engineers in that area. The hosts have promised that this year’s edition will be bigger and more comprehensive than last year’s as it offers a diverse range of speakers, activities and involvement from the local Python community.

It offers an incredible opportunity for bussing engineers wanting to work in the field of Python designing to feed off the knowledge of these engineers and have various discussions with them. The event provides an amazing chance for renowned engineers to educate the young and new engineers and giving them advice accordingly. This would include discoursing on the analysis for Python and their own contribution to the language. The event will also focus on matters such as the Timeline of Python as well as old codes and access to the old Library. With further access to Frameworks and Paradigms this can truly seem to be a once in a lifetime experience to most Python engineers.

Last year’s event included speakers such as the David Beazley – Author of Python Essential Reference, Raymond Hettinger – Python Core Developer, and Yasser Bashir – Founder & CEO of Arbisoft. The conference will host key international and local Python developers as speakers that include, Travis Oliphant – American Data Scientist & Businessman, Luciano Ramalho – Author of Fluent Python, Yasser Bashir – Founder and CEO of Arbisoft, and Muhammad Nasrullah, Founder of Integry & Python Supporter.

The event will be held at the University of Central Punjab in Lahore and can be accessible for both understudies and experts alike. The prices range from PKR 2,000 and PKR 4,500 respectively. For anyone wanting to dwell in the realm of Python as a career option, this conference seems to be absolutely imperative to take part in for all developers across the country. The registrations for the conference are now open and tickets can be bought here.