Punjab University Kicks Off Online Fitness Competition

Owing to the adverse health effects of lockdown and uncertainty during the global pandemic, the Vice Chancellor at Punjab Universtiy Prof Niaz Ahmad directed the Department of Sports to launch an initiative. The “Stay Home, Stay Active” campaign is to engage university teachers, employees, and students in healthy activities at home and organize an online fitness contest for them.

Prof Niaz Ahmad said that a healthy body was necessary for a healthy mind, therefore, the university administration was providing a variety of online activities for mental well-being and good physical health of the people in the prevailing situation.

He believes that engagement in positive activities like these contribute towards a healthier immune system, and builds our resistance to fight the virus. 

Acting Director Sports Tahira Saleem said that the Department of Sports had announced online fitness competitions of push-ups and rope skipping in which all university teachers, employees, and students can participate. All details can be found on the official Punjab University page announcement. 

She said the participants would have to make a video of one minute of the selected game as per instructions available on the official website.
She said that the competitions would be held separately for male and female competitors. She said that the participants could send their videos till June 10, 2020.

Source: PU Press