Punjab Police Launches App to Monitor Legal Affairs of Police

The local government has continuously been striving to innovate and mobilize its forces with digitization and e-governance tools, for larger benefit of the public.

The Punjab IT Board has successfully introduced various tech initiatives in the province while it is also helping many organizations to get digitized e.g Punjab PoliceThe Punjab police on Tuesday launched Police Legal Affairs Monitoring App for timely completion of cases and monitoring of the work of officers pursuing these cases in the courts.

The application will keep the senior officials of police department like regional police officers and district police officers up-to-date about all cases that are pending with courts and also about their status.

Introducing this app, Inspector General of Punjab Police retired Capt Arif Nawaz directed the concerned officials to upload through application the information relevant to the court cases concerning the department.

The instructions regarding the application were issued in a meeting exclusively called to brief the police department about the latest IT-related initiatives.

Sourced from: Phone World