Dept. of Punjab Launches Online Assessment of Property Tax

The Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department provides services for collection of various taxes and duties efficiently and effectively and suggests ways and means for additional resource mobilization in the Province of Punjab.

Apart from building up of taxpayer’s confidence, creation of taxpaying culture and providing facilities to the general public in payment of taxes are the top most priorities, the department aims to mobilize fiscal resources through equitable and taxpayer-friendly taxation and customer facilitation, plug in leakages, expand tax base, and rationalize tax rates and exemptions, BPR, promote automation and outsourcing of functions & services to ensure IEE, economize and optimize delivery of public services through minimum public and government official’s interface.

The Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control (ET& NC) is an organization that works in collaboration with the Department of Punjab have recently launched the ‘Online Self-Assessment of Property Tax’ which aims to bridge the gap between trust deficit between taxpayers and tax authorities.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed, the provincial Minister for ET& NC, spoke on the launch of the online portal and highlighted the importance of portal and stated in a ceremony of Lahore by saying and addressing the guests at the event:

“We have introduced the online process through our property tax portal making it robust and easy to use for the taxpayers, removing all sorts of hurdles and complications that were a trademark of the manual procedures earlier. Citizen facilitation and transparency is the agenda of the present government and we intend to ensure this with making the system online”.

Urban Unit has provided technical assistance to the ET&NC Department in the development of the online tax portal. The current Online Self-Assessment of Property Tax portal allows taxpayers to find out the following figures: Calculate the total payable tax on their properties, add or remove properties on their names.

The citizens of Punjab can use the online to keep a fair track of their properties and find the true value of the applicable tax online. Moreover, Urban Unit has also developed a smartphone application named ‘P-Tax’ to unify the citizens with the same facilities of the online portal. Users can easily check their property tax by easily going to the website of ET & NC through this link: ET&NC Department’s website to calculate their property tax.