Punjab Govt Announces Renewal Of Inter-City Bus Operations And Issues SOPs for Online Ticketing

With the count of the Corona virus victims reaching an unprecedented amount in the country, it has become the responsibility of citizens in Pakistan to either make sure they and their family stay safe, or look for ways to counteract the virus. In an effort to make sure the state can control and monitor the spread of the virus while moving on with everyday lives, the Government of Punjab have announced the resumption of inter-city bus operations before Eid.

The resumption of inter-city bus operations aims to solve the need for transportation needs of the general public before Eid. This approval has come to effect with strict SOPs that include mandatory online ticketing, contact tracing, and reduced transport costs to drastically increase the benefit of low fuel prices to passengers. The SOPs issued also include maintaining social distances of at least 3 feet while boarding buses, disinfection of buses after completion of every trip, and availability of hand sanitizers at terminals and within vehicles. It is important to note that those having a fever or cough will not be allowed to board the bus and that Passengers will be required to wear masks and gloves. Moreover, the adjacent seat of passengers above 65 years will remain empty and no baggage will be allowed according to the minimum SOPs.

Bus companies and those working around this service will have to ensure frequent disinfection of waiting areas, terminals and bays, and the availability of soaps/sanitizers in public toilets have also been mandated by the SOPs. The government have emphasized the need to have constant contact tracing and tracking of passengers using online ticketing technology. If a passenger tests positive for corona after travel, the government can track passenger travel history and test all passengers. Online ticketing facilities for all major D-Class luxury buses are available from services like Bookme.pk, JazzCash, Easypaisa, National Bank of Pakistan, HBL, Bank Alfalah, and Daraz.