Punjab Council of arts attempts to hunt new talent to help them pursue their dreams

Punjab Council of Arts has decided to hold programmes and competitions to search for new young talent in an attempt to help them pursue their dreams in various disciplines.

The Punjab Council of Arts has laid down plans to use virtual systems and a talent hunt to scout for new talent in music, fine arts, and creative arts through virtual tours and exhibitions of artists’ works.

According to Operations Director Muhammad Abrar Alam, who spoke to Dawn on Monday, the 6th of July 2020, the talent hunt had been launched and was in the process of searching for talented young people to boost the morale of artists, artisans, and intellectuals.

The talent hunt would make use of online exhibitions as well as competitions, talks, and performances all of which would be conducted in various districts of Punjab. The competitions would be separated into levels of the district, divisional and provincial in the categories of music, fine arts, crafts, drama, and literature.

According to Mr. Alam, the directors of divisional arts councils working under the Punjab Council of the Arts will be handling the execution of all activities. The event will be held with the involvement of several stakeholders, notably the education department and district and divisional heads of arts councils.

The directors plan to hold auditions at the local level, with selected candidates in the various categories moving on to perform at the divisional level, and position holders will receive a monetary reward. Moreover, in the interest of boosting morale and encouragement, prizes will be awarded to competitors in each discipline.

A grand finale at the provincial level will take place in Lahore, where a mega show will be organized and top performers will be receiving prizes in addition to encouragement prizes for other competitors.

The main aim of this event is to enable young talent to pursue their dreams by creating economic opportunities for them. In the interest of safety amidst the pandemic, all performances will be held online according to Mr. Alam.

Source: Dawn

Author: Wardah Javaid