A Look Into PTCL’s Summit Program 2017

Annual PTCL Summit Program 

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) every year looks for talented young graduates through their “PTCL Summit Program”. This program is a nationwide campaign that selects graduates on a merit basis.

The third intake of the program includes 125 young graduates. The selection of these candidates has been made through a rigorous, transparent and open process involving various external and internal hiring channels to ensure only merit based selection. The session commenced earlier last month where select graduates have been picked up solely on merit basis from across various regions in the country. However, this time PTCL did not collaborate with NTS (National Testing Service). Instead, PTCL launched its own online system to process the incoming batch’s intake process.

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This batch has already completed the first mega development intervention that spanned 6 weeks at the PTCL Training Staff College in Haripur. The students belong to various educational backgrounds such as engineering, business, management and computer science etc.

The 6 weeks training was focused on building good sense of business operations, management & leadership skills in newly inducted officers. PTCL also held a formal graduation ceremony to acknowledge their efforts. The ceremony was held in Haripur. From the telecom company, the ceremony was attended by senior PTCL officials including CEO and President PTCL Dr. Daniel Ritz as well as Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer at PTCL.

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Speaking to the candidates, Daniel Ritz said:

“PTCL’s diverse services are spread across Pakistan and are a source of national connectivity because they touch the life of every Pakistani in one way or the other. PTCL is making all efforts to improve the life of every household across the country and that was a testament to the high standards it had set for itself.”

He hoped that the young management trainees will bring energy and contribute towards the innovation and transformation of PTCL.

At the event held in September, trainees presented their projects to senior PTCL management. They also expressed their gratitude towards PTCL for providing them this opportunity and were excited to take the learnings of the Summit programme to real life challenges when posted to different functions of PTCL.


Source: PTCL PR