PTA Releases Telecom Indicators: 146mn Cellular + 52mn Broadband Subscribers


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the government body that is responsible for the establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunications in Pakistan has recently updated their Telecom Indicators. As of February 2018, PTA’s website showcases the overall growth of the industry with updated numbers.

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According to PTA, there are:

  • 146 million cellular subscribers
  • 49 million NGMS subscribers
  • 3 million basic telephony subscribers
  • 52 million broadband subscribers

These demographics show that the people of Pakistan have very quickly adapted to smartphones and are gradually moving away from the old school landline phones.

The indicators further point out that the overall tele-density in the country is 72.14% for cellular services. However, tele-density for basic telephony stands at only 1.3% currently. The difference between the two is quite astounding. However, penetration of NGMS is at 24.44% and broadband at 25.58%.