PTA Effort To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) has recently announced their intention to help track and quarantine the nation amidst Covid-19.

PTA have recently termed this the highest priority to facilitate in the track and quarantine the nation. They plan on working on this goal using advances in technology in digital technologies for public awareness such as methods like trace, track and quarantine (TTQ), helping funds distribution to needy via Ehsaas programme, and through public donations in Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund . PTA have also focused on raising awareness in this process as well regarding coronavirus. For this, PTA have tasked cellular mobile operators (CMOs) to send awareness texts to subscribers all over the country.

Having internet access in this time has proven to be an important asset right now as the world is staying connected through the use of internet and mobile services. Online education has become plausible only because of these tools which has facilitated learning through online tools, softwares and necessary guidelines. Meanwhile, PTA has been a major facilitator for the e-education program launched by the Government of Pakistan as they have also started a distant learning program with the help of the Federal Ministry of Education and Higher Education Commission. The PTA, HEC and mobile service operators are working alongside to launch an initiative of Taleemi Bundle to support students for distant learning and online classes.

As previously mentioned, the PTA also facilitate the Teleschool program which was the country’s first education channel alongside PTV and the Ministry of Education. To increase awareness for the program, around 93.15 million SMS messages were sent beforehand. Moreover, 120 IPs were made functional since March 2020 and the PTA has also added 14 different shortcodes and 6 UAN (Toll-Free) numbers to the Government officials working in fighting the pandemic. Their future plans include working on the Sustianable Development Goals by using ICTs for the empowerment of marginalized segments of society and women, that includes: growth and development of reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, supporting economic development etc.