PTA Accepting Complaints Against Internet, Cable Services

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is now accepting complaints for internet and cable services. Visit the PTA website, fill out a form detailing your problem and register your complaint. The registrant is required to share personal information along with details of the service provider, and the nature of the complaint.

On Monday evening, residents of Karachi were met with a two-hour suspension of television cable as operators decided to protest against K-Electric’s intended move to cut off cable internet wires using its electricity poles.
Khalid Arain, Chairperson of the Pakistan Cable Operators Association made an announcement in a press conference, which was jointly hosted by the association and internet service providers.
Cable and internet operators were being held responsible for the electrocution deaths caused by the heavy rains. This is because these operators use electricity poles to carry wires into people’s houses.
As per the report by SAMAA, Arain added that they don’t want any conflict with the KE, rather they need time to shift the cables underground and for the time being, agree on mutual terms.
“TV and internet cables are fiber optic cables, and do not conduct electricity,” Arain said. “Time should be given to underground these wires.”
Khalid Arain warned KE that if their demands are not met then this protest will be extended to the entire country.