Pro-Women Launched by P@SHA in Collaboration with CodeGirls

Under the name ProWomen, P@SHA has launched and dedicated e-directory for Pakistani women on international women’s day.

The e-directory was created under the leadership of Chair – Diversity & Inclusion P@SHA & COO Genetech Solutions, Shamim Rajani and in collaboration with CodeGirls, ProWomen access to profiles and details of women who have done wonders in the sphere of the world and wrote their big name of the wall. It is an accessible platform where women can contact professionals to get different opportunities and showcase their talents.

In the 24 categories, the directory is categorized in alphabetical order divided among social media influencers to programmers and corporate leaders.

proWomen is accessible to women by simply using the application form on the website where they can use basic and advanced search criteria to pick the best talent for business and the right speaker on the panel.

Prowomen is a joint effort between P@SHA and CodeGirls, a fully-funded coding and business skills boot camp for girls. The platform is developed and maintained by CodeGirls graduates and is supported by Genetech Solutions.