Prepping Wallets for Eidi! 1.6mn People Book Notes through SBP SMS Service

For the last couple of years the State Bank of Pakistan has been providing the people a chance to get fresh currency notes for Eid in Ramadan through their SMS service.

The service is surely a hit among the people as so far around 1.6 million people have obtained booking code for fresh currency notes, of which around 40% have received the banknotes from designated branches according to SBP.

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The State Bank issued a statement on Friday that stated

Given the capacity of (designated) bank branches to handle customers, the central bank expects that the service will reach its maximum limit of bookings in a few days and further bookings will not be possible thereafter.”

The service is available through a network of 1,002 e-branches of banks in 120 cities and 16 field offices of the SBP BSC across Pakistan. According to the central bank, the booking service would be closed after reaching its maximum limit, which is expected by the end of June 20, and no booking code would be issued after that. However people with a valid booking code can get their fresh notes by the 23rd of June.

SBP is also providing fresh notes to banks, apart from the SMS service, so that the banks may continue to provide fresh currency notes to their customers from their branches and ATMs.