The History of Tech: Pokémon Celebrates 20 Years


Pokémon Day is celebrated internationally on the 27th of February. This year, they mark the 20th anniversary of the beloved anime, fans of the franchise whether they watch the show or play the video games are gearing up to celebrate the big day for it brings a lot of memories and, new and exciting things ahead.

About twenty years ago, fans were introduced to the Kanto region where the trainers were first exposed to fiery gym battles in its iconic Gyms. Trainers also met lifelong friends in Kanto such as the lovable Pikachu to the fearsome Mewtwo, from the majestic Charizard to the pathetic Magikarp, Kanto’s Pokémon are known and loved by Trainers all over the world.

So reminisce about your favorite Pokémon with your friends and relive the good old days on the 27th February and see what is in store for its 20th mark.