PM Imran Khan’s IT & Telecom Sub-Task Force Announced

The recently launched Telecom and Information Technology task force for Pakistan, under the Prime Minister’s supervision, has been further split into three sub-task forces. This shall enable acceleration and better work delegation to improve the ICT sector.

The three sub-task forces and their respective members include:

IT Sub-Task Force

The sub-task force for IT will be chaired by Syed Ahmed, Chairman of P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association). Other members include:

  • Syed Raza Shah, Member – Ministry of IT
  • Veqar-ul-Islam CEO Jaffer Business (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Mir Nasir, CEO Inbox Business Technologies, Pakistan
  • Jehan Ara, President at Pakistan Software Houses Association
  • Shahid Mustafa, CEO Tameer Bank
  • Zouhair Khalique, Co-founder & Partner Team-up NIC Islamabad
  • Nadeem Malik, Ex-Country Manager Microsoft
  • Naseer Akhtar, CEO Infotech
  • Abid Zaidi, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan

Telecom Sub-Task Force

Pervaiz Akhtar, Former CEO of USF will be chairing the sub-task force on Telecom, with the following members:

  • Mudassar Hussain, Member, Ministry of IT
  • Wahaj-us-Siraj, CEO Nayatel
  • Abdul Aziz Khan, Chairman Apollo Telecom
  1. HRD Sub-Task Force

The sub-task force for HRD will be chaired by Dr. Shoaib, CASE/CARE, including the following members:

  • Engineer Jawad Salim Qureshi, Chairman PEC
  • Sarosh Hasmat Lodhi, VC NED UET Karachi
  • Zartash Afzal Uzmi, Faculty Engineering and Computer Sciences, LUMS

The sub-task forces, with the credible resources as members, are committed to fast-track development in their respective sectors. They will be report to their respective chairs, who are responsible for conveying the suggestions and reports put forward by the members to the Prime Minister and Ministry of Information and Technology.