Plutwo Announces Free Tools For Organizing Digital Events

Plutwo have announced free tools for organizing digital events in Pakistan for event organizers, trainers and tuition centers etc for free of cost

Plutwo is a service that allows users to learn the most demanded skills in local language from noteworthy domain experts. It is recently more widely known as a live streaming platform for remote learning and monetization where experts can give bite sized sessions and have meaningful interactions with the participants. Plutwo has recently announced tools for event organizers, trainers and tuition centers to move their activities online for free of cost. 

Plutwo has announced this service and tools as a result of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and cases that have emerged in the country, as well as World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 as a pandemic. These tools can facilitate offline learning activity or event of any category that can be moved to the Plutwo platform. The platform has built-in tools for event organizers which includes a live panel discussion, an AMA session, a presentation setting, a fireside chat etc. Moreover, the platform can also facilitate live chat, handout, polling and reaction features that add more to the overall experience.

Plutwo currently supports 1000 participants for an event. The platfrom can also be supplemented and paid for through diverse payment options including credit, debit, PayPal and local payment wallet applications support. Considering the surge of online conferencing platforms due to the increase in Corona virus cases across the world, organizations, educational institutions and events organizers are working towards remote tools and software’s to maintain and go forth with their work and continue being productive; in an effort to take care of the health of employees. 

Fatima Rizwan, founder of Plutwo, said that: “The future of work is remote. But it is unfortunate under the circumstance’s organizations have been forced to adopt remote working and continuity plans for employees”. The features of the Digital Event included Ticketing liberties, customizable presentation settings, panel discussion features, ask me anything feature with numerous participants etc.