PITB hosts the largest tech festivals in the country: The MIX

The technological industry in Pakistan has seen massive improvements throughout the course of the decade. With the work and efforts of dedicated individuals throughout the course of over years, this industry has relied on events and promotions to further enhance the industry. This also includes interacting with like-minded individuals and having a discourse over these very matters. To find a collaboration between new technology and a gathering of tech enthusiasts around the country, PITB are organizing a large cultural gathering with the aim to change the technological landscape of Pakistan known as The MIX.

The MIX is a social gathering where the people who register for the event are promised an experience that will transcend just limitations to technology. It is heavily focused on experimental learning and an interactive festival which will also feature an exposure to culture, food and music. The festival isn’t limited to a certain group of people or a certain age barrier, but people ranging from entrepreneurs to gamers and even reader are invited to take part in this festival and meet a diverse group of individuals.

As the proud experiment of the Punjab Information Technology Board, The MIX 1.0 is set to take place on the 11th and 12th of November. The two day event will be taking place at Al Hamra Cultural Arts Complex, Hafeez Kardar Road, Ghadaffi Stadium, Lahore. The event will not only include panel discussions alongside key speakers such as Dr. Umar Saif (Chairman PITB) and Junaid Iqbal (CEO of Careem Pakistan), but will also include influential personalities such as Inzamam ul- Haq (Former Cricketer) and Faisal Rafi (Producer of Pepsi Battle Band of the Bands) . The event is tailored in a fashion such that it caters to a large majority of people and guest speakers with a diverse range of skills to suit that specific individual.

Alongside the panel discussions, the event also promises concerts concerts from international musicians and exposure to areas such as: Fashion, Journalism, Art etc. The event will also cater to families as well and hence will also have family picnic spots, interactive spaces for children, food stalls and sessions on Literature.

In order to register for this event, one must fill out the form being highlighted on the website of PITB or can be accessed even by clicking on the following link. The board are also giving the liberty to individuals to either pre-order their ticket online or purchase on the spot at the day of the event. The cost for purchasing the ticket is Rs. 250 per head for both days of the event which implies that a single ticket can cover for both the days of the event and people are advised to carry their original ID cards as entry won’t be allowed without it. To make convenience easier for people, they PITB have partnered with Careem and they will be providing packages and offers throughout the 2 days of the event.

With an event as eagerly awaited and as hyped such as this, we certainly hope that the entire event lives up to its high expectation. What is being dubbed as the largest cultural gathering in the country, it will certainly measure up to be one of the biggest technological festival in the city.