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SOFTEC is a large scale IT event organized by FAST-NU Lahore Campus with the aim of promoting Information Technology and all its benefits to the general public. It is an annual function taking place at FAST-NU and each year SOFTEC attracts a larger number of participants than before. It has grown bigger to the extent that it is the most anticipated, most promoted and most participated event held in FAST-NU. This event has rooted its form in the culture of the university for the past 21 year sand has become a tradition within the university’s premises. It provides a forum through with ideas can be exchanged, professional skills showcased and innovation presented.  Today SOFTEC appeals to all age groups and has had 1000+ participants each year, making it one of the most exceptional events organized by the students of Pakistan. SOFTEC keeps taking additional measures to involve people of varied interests in this event and SOFTEC’17 will include additional activities to focus of on aspects of IT.