PEL Launch Facebook Shop To Provide More Accessibility To Users

PEL is a juggernaut in the electronic product sector of Pakistan and have now launched their Facebook store to provider more accessibility to users and directly engage with their customers as well

Pak Elektron Limited is a Pakistani engineering corporation which manufactures major home appliances and electrical equipment. PEL was founded in 1956 through technical collaboration with AEG. In 1978, PEL was acquired by Saigol Group and was taken public a decade later. The company also became the sole distributor of LG Corporation’s home appliances in 2009. PEL operates in two segments – power and appliances. The former includes manufacturing of transformers, grid stations and energy meters among other goods, while the latter division deals in making, assembling and distribution of home appliances like refrigerators and air conditioner. As a company constantly aiming to expand their services, it was recently reported that the company has begun the launch of their PEL Facebook Shop to make their products more accessbile to the public.

A Facebook Store is a Facebook business page tab application where potential customers can purchase products directly on a user’s “Facebook Store.” This app allows potential customers to browse, share and purchase your products without having to leave their Facebook windows. As Facebook still currently serves as the largest social media platform in the world, the launch of the Facebook store continues to be the top consideration when businesses think of a social media platform where they can connect with their customers. Facebook lets the merchants come online and sell their products and services to the potential buyers after creating a eCommerce store on their Facebook Page

One of the main objectives and mission statements of PEL is to provide customers with products that impact their daily lives. Hence, their products are diversified from appliances suited for a better lifestyle, but also Power products like transformers, switch gears and energy meters. Therefore, they wished to launch their Facebook store. PEL currently has a following of over 450,000 individuals. Hence, the launch of the Facebook store allows them to directly engage with their followers with ease and the customers can research and avail their product at the comfort of their home. Their current Facebook store offers products such as a toaster, iron, microwave, refrigerator, TV, air conditioner etc. Their shop is now live and can be accessed through: or by visiting their Facebook page.