PakSign Offers Free Electronic Signatures to Pakistani Businesses

Paksign, a service from Wukla, is a PlanetN company that helps organizations move towards electronic signatures in a fast and secure manner. Paksign works on the simple motto of getting rid of paperwork by going entirely digital, and becoming the new way to sign in Pakistan. 

“We help users sign documents easily and quickly, never needing to go back to paper and through our enterprise customers close businesses faster and more securely. Thus, our team works day and night to ensure the best user experience.” 

One thing that the Coronavirus outbreak has shoved into the way we all do business is the speed at which digital technologies are being embraced (or coaxed!). Due to the high risks involved in person-to-person transactions and dealing, we can see that most businesses have had to move to digital. In making this a seamless transition, Wukla has enabled their electronic signatures service in Pakistan. 

In a public statement, Nadeem Hussain, Founder of PlanetN Group of Companies announced: 

“To support businesses in Pakistan during Covid19, we are offering free electronic signatures. This is the need of the hour and have publicly launched to help all of us working remotely to continue doing business. I would encourage people to use it to go paperless and digital. We are continuously striving to improve the product and will be introducing more exciting features in the days ahead.”

Businesses can sign up today for this secure, legal and auditable service via