Pakistani Students Develop App To Control Coronavirus

With the count of the Corona virus victims reaching over a thousand, it has become the responsibility of citizens in Pakistan to either make sure they and their family stay safe, or look for ways to counteract the virus. Recently, it has been reported that a group of students from Habib University have created an app that will help detect and control coronavirus.

These students from Habib University have made an apps that detects and treat deadly coronavirus across the globe. This team took part in the Texas A&M University’s annual ‘Invent for the Planet’ event that gave students from 35 universities around the world a chance to create prototypes to solve real-world problems, and as we know, there is no more pressing concern than the spread of COVID-19. A large number of engineering students from across the globe participated in the event to solve these challenges. This team from Habib university students took part in the competition and have developed an app which will give exclusive information about the ongoing coronavirus, its  news within the country and goes over the ways to treat the deadly disease.

These students are as follows: Arham Ishtiaq, Sara Mehmood, Maaz Arshad, Maheen Anees, Areeba Rafiq and Syeda Fatima Hashmi. These students have created an app within 72 hours for the ‘Invent for the Planet’ competition that will be held in Texas A&M University on March 31, 2020. According to the team, this app will also be available in different hospitals, private clinics and airports in Pakistan.

This team recently spoke to Independent Urdu and focused on the purpose and features of the app in its effort to counteract coronavirus. One member said that: “There are lots of organizations globally who are working to fight coronavirus. Yet, no one has so far come up with the actual cause of the disease. With this app, we aim to provide awareness, cause and prevention about the disease”. They also wnet on to state that the app uses artificial intelligence to identify which part of the world is getting affected by coronavirus and what might be the potential cause of that virus in that particular region. One function of the app is to gather information that ranges from airports, hospitals, different research centres, as well as information about coronavirus patients and their symptoms. The other function uses AI using large data to predict where this disease is spreading and what precautionary measures can be taken to fight with it.