Pakistani COO receives Elevate Prize 2020

Pakistani COO and Co-Founder of Sehat Kahani, Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga has taken the success of telemedicine to new heights as she secures the Elevate Foundation Prize 2020, in the top 20 finalists position.


Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, Co-founder & COO Sehat Kahani, has made Pakistan proud by becoming the first Pakistani female recipient of the “Elevate Foundation Prize Award 2020.” Founded in 2019 as a part of a social movement by businessman, philanthropist, and author Joseph Deitch, The Elevate Prize Foundation seeks out creators and activists who volunteer their time to creating solutions for the world’s problems.

Partnered with MIT Solve, the Foundation chooses 20 top finalists who are recipients of expert mentorship, extensive training, and exclusive resources to cultivate their social impact ideas. However, the top 10 are awarded $5 million, as well as 2-year program with one-on-one interaction and exclusive access to top scholars and industry leaders.

Dr. Iffat was chosen in 2020 out of 1,297 applicants and 119 countries, and received exclusive mentorship as well as funding for her organization- one of the leading telemedicine platforms in Pakistan that virtually connects patients who are in need of affordable, convenient, and flexible healthcare options to a panel of online general physicians and specialists.

Dr. Iffat expressed her sentiments upon receiving the Prize- “After winning the Prize I feel ecstatic – for the first time a woman from Pakistan winning the prize feels great – it also adds an element of further responsibility on me and my organization to ensure we can give back to the community and the entire country and make more avenues for healthcare access within Pakistan.”

Telemedicine has now impacted 1.5 million lives, and facilitated over 260,000+ consultations, and will continue to do so, given the space to grow and improve.

Source: The Nation