High Impact Skills Bootcamp 2019 by Pak Government

Considering the need to focus on making Pakistan as a spearhead in IT related services in the globe, the federal government have announced the launch of the High Impact Skills Bootcamp to train over 10,000 IT experts.

Considering the emerging technologies, there is a high need for the country to focus more on IT and become a recognized IT hub in the globe through new and emerging technologies. As a way to focus and revitalize the sector, the Federal government of Pakistan has approved the project referred to as a “High Impact Skills Boot Camp” at a cost of Rs. 338.522 million, to train at least 10,000 Information Technology (IT) professionals in 12 to 15 emerging technologies.

The main purpose of the High Impact Skills Boot Camp is to reduce the shortage of skilled human resources currently in these emerging technologies. For this project, the government has also allocated Rs. 100 million in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the next financial year 2019-20.In order to ensure Pakistan can be seen as a global information technology hub, the youth need to be familiar and become experts in the area of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, Bio-Data, machine learning, internet of things etc to ensure there is a cut down in the lack of available human resources in these technologies. It has also been highlight that the universities have not been readily up to date with the current syllabus being taught elsewhere in the world and hence have not developed the content to cater to the demand of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Data Sciences including Artificial Intelligence.

According to the plans and objectives of this project, it works to result in a direct and indirect economic benefit for all parties involved and the project will result in enhanced quality of work. This will be because the economy will benefit from an increased and rapid growth of skilled workers in the country who will be available to provide the technical expertise to become IT experts that the sector needs. Developing these areas and producing professionals will result in the export of high-value services required by demanding markets in other countries.