Disappointing Registration Count for Overseas Voters

Earlier the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) had announced that the overseas voters’ registration for internet-voting in the upcoming PP168 by-elections is open.

The deadline for registration for i-voting passed on Wednesday, and according to ECP and NADRA officials only 3 overseas voters, out of a possible 4667 have registered for i-voting in the by-elections.

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The turnout has been surprisingly low for a system that cost billions of rupees to develop. There is a need to raise more awareness to attract overseas voters towards taking part in electoral process in Pakistan.

According to the local news, the by-elections in PP168 are part of the second experiment with i-voting in Pakistan. ECP and NADRA state that in the by-elections that were held on October 14, multiple constituencies were part of the first experiment of i-voting where out of a possible 632,000 overseas Pakistani, only 7,419 voters registered to cast their vote.

Image source: NADRA/ECP