DEMO Startup Snippet: Hail Optimus!

Optimus, (no not Optimus Prime of the Transformers), is the newest car riding app in the neighborhood. While Uber and Careem and the ilk are having some teething issues out there in Punjab (they have a fifteen day leverage to get things sorted and Sindh apparently not going to disturb their works), Optimus quietly joined the race in Karachi as February kicks off.

The city which has a never ending requirement for transport, with everything from Go Rickshaw to Careem, Uber and innovative services like Super Savaree, Optimus is a welcome addition. Check out the service now here. More news later as we see how this pans out and our team catches a word with them.

Using a promo code:‘GHUMOKHI’ users could be entitled to 2 free rides. Download the app from the play store here!