Open Source Summit 2018

Open Source refers to any software or program which is available for the use of modification and subsequent use. It is commonly referred to as the software whose developer has given away the rights of any modification made to the software and is available for free. It is now generally being used by software houses in pursuit of a public collaboration between multiple parties. Open sourcing has long been considered to be a taboo in the corporate sector due to the importance of licensing all forms of property. Companies prefers to copyright all forms of their intellectual property and forbid any changes, to study or even distribute that information. In order to eradicate this norm in businesses, the Open Source Foundation Pakistan conducted their annual Open Source Summit.

The 5th iteration of the Open Source Summit Pakistan is the flagship event of the Open Source Foundation Pakistan. This year’s event took place at Bahira University in Islamabad on 8th March 2018. The registration for the event was free and aimed to Academia and Industry on a platform to make them more aware about Open sourcing. The event took place in collaboration with PSEB, ISOC, OpenWare Business who worked to provide maximum awareness for this initiative.

The Open Source Foundation Pakistan is an organization which strives to promote the advantages of Open sourcing in the country. They consider the act as a medium with which industries, communities and academia can widely benefit from. Acting as the voice of the Open Source Community, they believe in revolutionizing the digital market and provide more options to business with the open source platform. Hence this is why they conduct an annual Open Source Summit which works to prioritize the use of Open Sourcing as the future of industries.

It served as the bridge between these companies and Open Source Technologies. It invited individuals from industries to professionals alike who listened to speeches made by experts in open sourcing where they learnt more about the dynamics of open sourcing in Pakistan. With versatility and applications in fields like AR and BigData, the advantages of Open Sourcing can undoubtedly benefit the industries of the country.