Online shopping takes over as the marketplace closes down during pandemic

The marketplace closes down and businesses and daily wages suffer as the country moves to online shopping amidst lockdown.

As the world is ravaged by the impact of the corona virus, Pakistan also faces difficulties amidst the pandemic. The variety of life has been affected negatively during this time, and that means a deserted look stretches across the busy markets and shopping centers of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, according to an aged shopkeeper.

According to him, the pandemic meant that the residents of the federal capital altered their lifestyle and routine, which meant that they did not visit markets anymore like they would’ve initially.

He told APP that businesses were suffering due to the fact that during the lockdown situation, online shopping was becoming the new normal. For Saad Malik, the owner of a cloth shop at F-10 Markaz, the situation was a shock as normally, his store would welcome dozens of clients with daily earnings in thousands, as compared to the current idleness.

“Now, during week days customers don’t come at all, sometimes we pretend to be customers as we certainty miss our business and its hustle bustle,” he mentioned.

For Ghulam Ali, a Careem driver, daily rides have reduced from more than 15 per day to 3 or 4, despite the re-opening of offices. The situation puts him in a tough spot as he faces anxieties about his monthly expenses. According to Ahmed Durrani, a businessman, tourist resorts were also not functioning fully.

Tahir Mustafa, a seller of inflated balloons and toys, said that his financial situation had already been tough but with the impact of COVID-19, he was living hand-to-mouth, as he earned nothing in a day.

According to Amna Qaiser, a housewife, the government had taken a wise decision by shutting down the markets but she suggested a re-opening of the marketplace on the weekends to allow citizens to buy necessary items before eid.

Maleeha Tariq, a senior citizen said that the pandemic had affected the whole world, as people lost jobs and private sectors terminated many of their employees.

Source: The Nation