Online Qurbani In The Time of Coronavirus

Qurbani & Covid19

Pakistan’s agriculture sector coverage is nearly 21% of its total GDP, employing 42.3% of the labor force. The country boasts of 100 million livestock, with eighth-largest cattle inventory, fourth largest milk production, and a pool of seasoned farmers.

The federal herd is made up of 26.3 million buffaloes, 24.9 million sheep, 56.7 million goats, and 0.8 million camels. With these soaring numbers, comes an exciting opportunity for disruption with the use of technology. Enter tech solution: Qurbani App.

Started by a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the UK, a Fullbright scholar from the US and an entrepreneurship enthusiast from Comsats, Qurbani App was founded with an ambitious vision to transform the foundations of Pakistan’s agro-based economy through technology – starting from livestock.

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The increasing number of online sales and diversity of the famous Pakistani livestock breeds brought an idea of Qurbani app to life. A place to buy, sell and share your beloved animals with others. The platform was created for the livestock community, and generate value for all the stakeholders involved.

When Eid ul Azha/Bakra Eid or Bari Eid approaches, Muslims looking to make a sacrifice, start their hunt for the best package for the most healthy and beautiful animal to sacrifice in the name of Allah. That is where buyers can browse tens of thousands of animals. Distinct features are available to browse through. Including the price, weight, breeds, descriptions, and locations on Qurbani App. Sellers can upload their animals for sale within two seconds, and target the entire country as their market.

Realtime Updates

A large segment of the population also relies on Ijtamai Qurbani services from different vendors. They usually place orders through local welfare organizations. Meat can be delivered home or distributed among the poor, with no updates regarding when/how the animal was slaughtered or meat distributed. According to our research, this is the first time an Ijtamai Qurbani vendor is providing real-time updates. This includes updates to its users in the form of notifications, pictures, and videos. This is an extension of their Sadqah service where users who place an order for bakra get hourly updates. They are implementing a similar feature for processing Ijtamai Qurbani orders this season.

Great to see the use of technology in building the trust of users, who are then likely to order a goat as Sadqah on the app rest of the year.

Unfortunately, this year’s Eid is in the midst of Covid19.  The World Health Organization (WHO) announced safety precautions and highly encourages social distancing. Therefore, “stay home and stay safe” is the new norm of society. With Bakra Eid approaching, the excitement is building up, but perhaps not the same as every year. During this time Qurbani App could be a go-to-place for many users.

Pakistani e-commerce companies and retail businesses were quick to move online amidst Coronavirus. With the surge in online retail, Qurbani can also be a good value addition of services.

For more information, visit the official Qurbani App website or download their Android Application via PlayStore today.

Image source: Qurbani App (screenschot)