Online Marketplace Leyjao Crosses 100K Milestone for Customer Visits

Since increasing its beauty offers in 2020, has captivated the hearts of millions of Pakistani beauty customers. The shopping portal’s two most popular categories with youthful customers are beauty and clothes.

Leyjao wants to serve a broad spectrum of consumers, guaranteeing the best value for money, with a record-breaking one million unique customers accessing the website.

The company intends to expand its present 1,000-brand beauty product offering. The inclusion of a vast variety of brands to its facial kit range has been particularly outstanding.

These new lines will entice new shoppers to the online shopping platform, as well as those who are browsing for other things, to have a look at the expanded women’s fashion, skincare, and cosmetics assortment.

Many things have led to’s success, but one of its most important assets, which has helped it become known as “Pakistan Ka Fashion Central,” is its ability to put customers first.

Leyjao continues to position itself as the go-to destination for economical beauty merchandise, as buyers nowadays gravitate toward solutions that won’t break the bank. The strategy has worked very well. The company saw a double-digit percentage increase in sales of lipsticks, highlighters, foundations, and tints in 2020, as beauty items performed well.

Leyjao’s Ramazan Super Bachaat & Eid Bari Bachaat sale began with discounts of up to 70% on phones, smart devices, clothing, cosmetics, and skincare goods. Customers were given discounts of Rs 120 million across a variety of items. Women’s sleepwear, jewellery, and shoes have all proven to be popular.

On Eid, Leyjao offered the finest discounts and bargains on a wide range of products from major companies. As online buyers continue to click “add to basket” and purchase from the comfort of their own homes, online sales are likely to increase.

By delivering appealing product bargains and the latest fashion goods, the company has stayed one step ahead of the competition. Beauty fans will find improved aesthetics, product information, communication mechanisms, and online payment alternatives when they visit

Customers appreciated shopping at because of the best prices and on-time and correct orders delivered to their doorsteps.

More than 25,000 retailers representing new and popular brands have joined the platform. It intends to expand even more aggressively across the country so that customers think of first when looking for fashion and cosmetic products. is thrilled to introduce additional high-quality cosmetics for men and women in the categories of skincare, makeup, and hair care. Leyjao is well aware that premium does not have to imply exorbitant. Prices have been lowered to fit the budgets of Leyjao customers.

Source: ProPakistani