Deen Launches An Online Catering Service Called Daig


In Pakistan, one of the most successful businesses in the country are ones that deal with food and an online service in particular. A thriving field in its own right, these businesses fail to have a proper business model and hence struggle fail to reach their potential. Realizing the need to have a proper business model, Deen Foods and Catering have launched the first online catering service in Pakistan which follows a proper model called Daig.

Deen Foods and Catering are one of the most popular catering services in Pakistan that operate in the region of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. For a company that have been operating for around half a century, they have taken the first step in initiating the first online catering service. Daig promises to provide exceptional food quality alongside an efficient service. According to their model, they work towards saving time for the user and making their service and products affordable to the public.

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Daig is bolstered with a well-working team of professional chefs who cover a wide range of categories such as BBQ, Chinese, Continental, Desserts, Deep Fried, Lunch, Pasta etc. With over 18 categories to choose from, they not only offer excellence food quality but can offer additional services such as photography, flower decoration, sound system and lightning. Aside from that, they also offer assistance in organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festivals, business dinners, wedding themes etc.

With a wide ray of facilities and options that they offer, the time it takes for them to make a delivery depends on the type of order as well. For any normal food item, they take around 1 hour to deliver in either Islamabad or Rawalpindi. While for an entire menu, although it is recommended that they place an order 1 day before when it is required, they do also offer an emergency delivery service that can make the order in around 2-5 hours. Payments can be made in the from of cash and can be done at the time of delivery.