Omar Gilani Showcases Pakistan Through A Sci-Fi Lens

Everyone in Pakistan at one point in their lives has grown up watching science fiction movies and reading Sci-fi books. Be it Star Wars, or Star Trek, or War of the Worlds, everyone certainly had their geek moment with one movie or the other.

But what the Pakistani audience lacks is local sci-fi movies and one often wonders would a sci-fi movie even look convincing in Pakistan? Like many others in Pakistan, Omar Gilani from Lahore also imagined how sci-fi would look in Pakistan but instead of just wondering he actually set out to illustrate it for the world to see.

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He set out on a path and released an entire series called the Pakistan+ that portrays Pakistan in a Sci-fi setting and the result has been absolutely stunning! He has portrayed the Pindi boyzz riding their hovering motorcycles, a truck flying through the smog in the city, a couple having a tryst, couple of men enjoying their cup of tea at a Dhaaba, and so much more. The images created are absolutely stunning.

Mechanical Engineer by profession, by an artist at heart Omar set aside the engineering life and worked on his passion which is illustration and art. He has various well known clients such as the British Council, Patari, United Nations Education Foundation, Save the Children etc.

His brilliance on the illustrations can be seen on