NITB Issues Warning to Android Users for Fake Netflix App with Malware

The National Information Technology Board recently concluded that an app called “FlixOnline” that claims to deliver infinite entertainment for free with no advertising is actually a new source of infection. All Android users have been advised not to download the software, according to NITB.

According to the National Institute of Technology, the app transmits a dangerous file that is basically a wormable Android malware capable of propagating itself automatically by replying to a victim’s incoming WhatsApp messages. The app responds by delivering the same file again.

Users should remove the programme if it has been downloaded, and never use such untrusted apps in the first place, according to the IT Board. Overall, this malware appears to be just another way for hackers to profit from stealing a large amount of personal information, thus all users are recommended to double-check any software they intend to download by reading reviews and visiting any available website.