NIC Islamabad Hosts Rob Thurner for Digital Transformation Bootcamp  



The National Incubation Center in Islamabad hosted an open event, “Digital Transformation Bootcamp” here on Friday, conducted by one of the leading digital marketers, Rob Thurner. Founder and CEO at Burn the Sky, Rob Thurner is a digital marketing strategist and trainer specializing in Digital Transformation, Digital Banking, Customer Journey mapping, Website and App User Experience, Ecommerce and Mobile Marketing. He works with clients to develop their digital strategy and digital transformation road maps, and partners with world class digital specialists to manage delivery.

Rob Thurner has also conducted sessions at the Pakistan Advertisers Society’s event DigIT 2017, where he explored Big Data and its potential from a marketer’s perspective.

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At the bootcamp held at NIC, Rob Thurner gave the attendees insights on how to embrace the 4th industrial wave, along with sessions on the changing digital trends and how these trends are transforming the customer experience and with that the overall marketing landscape. He also gave a session on Digital Banking, especially addressed towards the fintechs who were part of the event. The bootcamp explored different techniques and introduced the audience to new processes that drive velocity at Google, Amazon and other digital disruptors.

Furthermore, the bootcamp focused on exploring new techniques which will help the digital experts to define the digital vision for your business, challenge old behaviors, tackle poor management processes; adopt an agile mindset and way of working, such as short- cycle iterations essential for innovation, tailored to adding value to the customer experience; and embrace a ‘move fast, fail fast’ culture to drive innovation, and learn techniques for building Minimum Viable Product prototypes.

This was an open event held at NIC Islamabad and to no surprise, it was a house full. The content shared by Rob Thurner is partly available on the NIC Islamabad Facebook page.