NIC Peshawar Launch First Cohort

LMKT is a full-service technology company specializing in geographic information systems, integrated security management, e-governance, tech incubation. They have partnered with the National Incubation Center which will incubate the business of three successful business ideas. Recently, the National Incubation Center Peshawar have recently unveiled their first cohort.

The process of selecting a startup is a long and strenuous process and requires a series of short listings. After the shortlisting was done, the launch event took place at the Islamia College in Peshawar. This event served as an important factor of the incubation facility in Peshawar and acted as an important step in this process. This ceremony also featured the appearance of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The selected startups will be guided by businesses in KPK that will provide them invaluable experience in helping them set up their startup and give them the resources needed to promote their business. This will be further backed by the training giving to them by the NIC curriculum that will help them scale their business which includes their funding.


LMKT have welcomed this new cohort of startups that can show their determination and skill when setting up their startup. President LMKT Shabana Khan, when congratulating the first cohort on their achievement, went on to state that, “We are extremely pleased to be welcoming such a talented and dynamic group of individuals. I’m very confident that you all will set new precedents of innovation not only for Pakistan but the entire globe.”


As business are willing to help these startups make their business more realistic and probable, these startups will give them the necessary mentorship needed for them to be more successful. Hence, NIC Peshawar provides an excellent platform for business in KPK to gain access to the private sectors and develop new partnerships. Hence, NIC Peshawar are promoting entrepreneurship opportunities in the region on a larger scale.