Apply Now: Netflix Remote Engineer Opps 

Netflix is to sponsor an Android Boot Camp powered by CodePath. CodePath is an organization that provides free, accelerated mobile engineering classes for professional developers and designers.

According to the COO CodePath Michael Ellison:

“Netflix will be joining Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber as the latest technology company to partner with CodePath in offering the professional developer community a path towards mastery in high demand technologies via our intense, free evening bootcamps”

CodePath over the years has taught more than tens of thousands professionals at over 800 different companies at Silicon Valley and has run Android on-boarding for Facebook and Airbnb. Course participants benefit by being able to uniquely see how they rank across thousands of other top engineers worldwide.

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The bootcamp will consist of the following feature:

  • Weekly 2 hour session to review key mobile concepts and topics.
  • Weekly lab session to collaborate on projects and complete coding challenges.
  • Weekly app assignments to immediately apply each new topic introduced.
  • Group project to design and develop a complete app with a team over the course.

There is also to be a demo day at the end of the bootcamp. For more information on the session and to register you apply here.