DEMO Pakistan Startup Snippets: NED All Girl Startup Plays Laser Tag

Final year projects at technology and business institutes are all the rage now, especially since most of these leap into the startup phase right after. There are several final year projects converted into sustainable ideas and business models, and this group of techies has all of it going for them!

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Four graduates from NED, Karachi have successfully deployed laser tag at Arena under their engineering project Armez, which was developed entirely by the team members, including the hardware for the shooting game, and the entire project expense they took upon themselves.

Sheena, Nimra Idrees Fazil, Ramla Kaleem Shah and Tahniat Hasan Khan were supervised by Dr Muhammad Khurram, for the research, electronics and manufacturing work that went into the project.

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While talking about the project a team member said,

“Our mentor pitched this idea. And we knew right away it will have market value both in terms of gaming and defense training.”

Fazil also added that,

“Armez provides first-person shooting game experience out in the open, enabling Counter Strike enthusiasts to practice tactics and be proactive and defensive in a physical environment with real people.”

In the game players are given laser guns rather than paint ones. The jackets are also embedded with sensors. When the jacket gets hit by a laser, the player feels vibration and small bulbs signifying ‘game lives’ on the jacket light up to show ‘health level’. The gun stops working when a player’s ‘health level’ reaches its limit. All the hits and their timings are recorded and are shown on a computer screen to keep track of the game.