National Registry for Cardiac Stent Goes Online: DRAP

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has launched an Online National Registry for Cardiac Stent. This initiative is to bring transparency in both the sale and usage of the tube-shaped medical device that is installed to keep arteries open in the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Details like reference of importation, manufacturers’ name, specifications, lot number, expiry, quantity, rate and amount, will be provided by the suppliers in the Online National Registry for Cardiac Stent along with the importers and manufacturer of cardiac stents, to provide their import data to DRAP’s online registration facility.

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However importers will have to provide their sale Invoice information, product details and name of institution to which these stents are sold at the time of sale and supply. On the utilization end, catheterization labs and medical institutions will provide to the registry their purchase data and their patient usage details and utilized stent data to provide a complete track and trace system for the device.

In a statement by DRAP, officials said:

This initiative has been developed and successfully launched by the new dedicated MIS team of DRAP, timely fulfilling their commitment, in the larger interest of patients.”

Users registered with the DRAP can only access the data on the Online Nation Registry. The registry is to be password protected.