NADRA, ECP Guidelines & Registration: iVoting for Overseas Pakistanis


The online voting system for overseas Pakistanis has officially been approved by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and Supreme Court. The registrations for the overseas Pakistanis began on the 1st of September 2018.

NADRA and ECP have recently released a video that explains the brand new online voting system for Pakistani expats. Through the video we come to know that in order for overseas Pakistanis to be able to vote they must have the following documents: A NICOP, a Pakistani passport and a valid email address.

The first step for online voting is to register oneself on the ECP website for online voting i.e. through their NICOP number, email and mobile to make an account, when one logins to the website they will be able to register themselves as an overseas voter.

After successfully registering and entering all the valid details, the user will then get a verification email affirming their registration. The name of the voter will be cancelled off of from the voters list that is in the country. Furthermore, they will receive a code known as the voter pass that will be used on the day of the by-poll elections to access the ballot paper and cast their vote.