Multan’s Pizza Lady: Except She’s a Robot

A Pizzeria Multan is using a robotic waitress to serve food to its customers. This robot is developed by the pizzeria owner’s own son, who is an electrical engineering graduate from Nust Islamabad. Syed Aziz Ahmed Jafari, the owner of the pizzeria called said “since the news of this robotic waitress spread there has been a long queue of customers outside the shop, wanting to dine here.” Jafari also said this robot was his son’s to stand out and boost the business. Initially his son wanted to go to the US to study but Jafari asked him to do something for this country, to make a mark. Jafari said he felt proud as a Multani, as people not only from Multan but also from adjoining areas came to eat and the pizzeria and get served by the robot waitress. Jafari wants to introduce four more robotic waitresses but he also says he will not reduce any of his staff members as he doesn’t want anyone to be unemployed because of him. He also urges the government to come forward and help his son improve this technology. The robot weighs 25kilograms and can carry upto 5 kg of food. The reason Jafari’s son preferred to make a robot waitress and not waiter was because the female body shape helped the machine to maintain the weight it was carrying.