Ministry of Information and Technology Releases Digital Pakistan Policy 2017


The Ministry of Information and Technology, Pakistan, after years of work has officially issued the IT Policy for the country called “Digital Pakistan Policy 2017”.

The policy was worked on by many stakeholders; it addresses and ameliorates the international rating in administration, knowledge capital, availability, demand stimulation and ICT skills. The IT policy focuses on four broad areas for policy implementing the policy imperatives i.e. IT Sector Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sectoral Digitzation, and Cross-Sector Collaboration.

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According to the Ministry of Information and Technology,

“The Digital Pakistan Policy will serve the foundation pillar for the formation of a holistic Digital Ecosystem in the country with advanced concepts and components for the rapid delivery of next generation digital services, applications and content.”

MoIT is also to develop an ‘Action Plan’ along with relevant ministries and departments detailing the time frame and outputs of the IT Policy.

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With this new policy in place, Pakistan now has a direction specifically for IT sector to help  overcome challenges while boosting the sector for the benefit of everyone.

To download the Digital Pakistan policy click here.