Deliberating the Modern Business Experience: CIO Pakistan Hosts A Business OpenFloor Soirée


IDG Enterprise and CIO Pakistan hosted a CIO Business OpenFloor Soirée earlier last week, inviting business leaders to engage in a conversation discussing the theme ‘Modern Business Experience’.

The facial schema of the modern business changed and changed quickly. Where we expected both an evolution and a revolution; the future landed at our feet much before expectation. Where customers were more numeric and demographics, because of fluid market data collection techniques, they are now closely knitted into the fabric of the organization. New media became the catharsis for re-imagined business models.

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Looking at the evolution of business, we understand that even within organizational maps, structures are becoming redefined. Technology has gone from being an integer to becoming the source code of institutional infrastructure. Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, Supply Chain, Digital to name a few departments are now integrated or heading towards seamless integration because of IT. And the more adaptive a company is the more customer wins it will have.

Consumer is now truly King. Companies with the cultural and technical agility to embrace change will be the ones that set an incremental pace. Understanding and then representing the new face of business becomes even more crucial. It cannot be left in a limbo where departments work in stand-alone formations. Business needs to adapt on a war footing and especially in developing countries like Pakistan.

The idea behind this Dinner Soirée was to have a series of conversations and candid talks on the modern business experience. The evening was a platform of sharing relevant content between senior C-suite attendees who came in from various business functions and diverse industry verticals.

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The event provided a content-rich platform for business leaders to come share their experience with industry professionals, where our speakers included a very diverse group of business and technology leaders. These include Mr. Malik Ahmad Jalal, CEO at Aman Foundation, Mr. Mazhar Valjee, Group Director at House of Habib & CEO Thal Limited, Mr. Khawaja Tanveer, CIO at Engro Corp., Mr. Imaad Rashid, Head of Supply Chain at Gerry’s Dnata, Saif Akhtar, CEO at 10xC Seed Fund, and Mr. Danish Shivani, Head of Digital at Samaa TV.

Our guest of honour for the evening was Professor Dr. Atta ur Rahman, who truly did justice to the theme ‘Disruptive World of Innovation’, sharing the excellent work that is being done by local researchers in the field of biotechnology, chemistry and other disciplines. The audience was certainly left in awe of the contribution Dr. Atta himself, and the ICCBS department has made to the country.

We will be sharing more on the talks & sessions by each of the speakers. Stay tuned to our website and WebStudio TV for more! Take a look at the photographs on the IDG Pakistan Facebook page.