Mobilizing Blue Collar Workforce: JazzCash Collaborates with Fori Mazdoori


JazzCash collaborates with Fori Mazdoori to empower blue-collared workers through a unique form of digital inclusion. Under the partnership, blue-collar workers with no internet access can register themselves with Fori Mazdoori by visiting a JazzCash agent and filling out all relevant details. The workers will be evaluated on the basis of their experience. This completes their Form Mazdoori registration after verification and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

JazzCash is enabling Fori Mazdoori to setup walk-in worker registration points at more than 10,000 outlets starting with Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Sialkot. Workers through this partnership will be able to create their digital profile by entering their details using JazzCash Mobile Accounts or through any JazzCash retailer.

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Speaking about this partnership, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital & Financial Services Officer – Jazz, stated,

“As a socially-responsible corporation, Jazz has always been at the forefront of supporting programs that have a positive social impact. The unique digital model provided by Fori Mazdoori enables potential employers to look up labor workers whose skillset matches their requirements. With JazzCash’s extensive agent network, workers deprived of an internet connection will be provided convenience in registering with Fori Mazdoori. Our partnership with Fori Mazdoori showcases the support we provide to local startups, while also empowering the underprivileged for a better tomorrow”

Dr. Musstanser Tinauli, CEO & founder – Fori Mazdoori said:

“We are committed to digital empowerment of our fellow citizens at the bottom-of the pyramid and such a gigantic task of literally changing how one finds a job can only be achieved by working together”

Fori Mazdoori is a social enterprise, providing a worker welfare system designed to transform how a person finds work. Registered as a private limited company with SECP providing, the team is led by Musstanser Tinauli. Bridging the employer-employee gap, the company is providing an easy to use online system for searching and hiring everyday workers. This includes drivers, maids, electricians, and plumbers, among a host of similar blue-collar / non-formal professions.